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  • Nicolas Coulombe

    Chief Security Officer (CSO), Desjardins

    The program has been extremely beneficial for the team dynamics. It fostered collaboration and communication between us. We completed team-building exercises and workshops that allowed us to get to know each other better. This has raised the level of mutual trust, which is fundamental to successful teams. We were able to openly share our ideas, concerns, and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment. This has created a work environment where courageous conversations are more at the forefront.

    On a personal level, the program allowed me to develop new skills and sharpened my mindfulness. Thanks to the reflections and the tools at my disposal, I know better the factors that allow me to be the best version of myself!

    I am really very satisfied with the program offered by Axellite Leadership. Thanks to Katarina and Jean-François for their support and their professionalism. This program gives concrete results and is very well put together!

  • Kevin Barnes

    SVP and Head of Toronto Region, TD Private Wealth Management

    “We started with an experiment running the Lead Yourself UP program in our Quebec/Atlantic region, and the feedback we received from our teams: It was “best training I have ever received”…“helped me to discover parts of myself that have encouraged me to now become a better leader”…“LYUP will change the observations I make and practices in my daily life, not only in the office, but in my personal life too”.

    With feedback, energy and excitement like that….we hired the team to deliver Lead Yourself Up across the rest of Canada within our Private Wealth business, particularly focused on our Managers of Client Service. It has allowed us to invest and recognize our leaders in a way that has made them more aware of their individual strengths, more confident in expressing themselves and more connected to our broader wealth management teams in the field.”

  • Catherine Morneau

    Vice-President, Operations, Groupe Morneau

    “The program made me realize the importance of managing my energy level by relieving my busy schedules. Creating space allows me to be more creative, resilient and responsive to my teams.”

  • Catherine Beaudouin, CRHA

    Director, Talent and Culture, Levio

    Participants greatly appreciated this training on multiple levels. On one hand, it is full of common sense and accessible tools that are practical for better self-awareness, managing emotions, energy, stress, time, etc. On the other hand, it allows for a better understanding of others, learning to listen to them, delving deeper into other participants of the cohort, and learning how to better approach delicate relational situations.

    This training is an essential foundation for developing one’s leadership because it provides perspective on human nature (both one’s own and that of others).

    Finally, it was also appreciated because it was well-structured and delivered dynamically and enthusiastically, with a mix of theoretical inputs, sharing and exchanges, and individual practice sessions to establish and create habit change.

  • Justin St-Onge

    Sales Director, Business Markets, Bell Canada

    “As a results-oriented leader with a bias for action, I had been seeking tools to help me slow down, peek around blind spots and better round out my leadership. There is no doubt that this program has helped me be a better ‘corporate athlete’, more inclusive leader, and a more present husband and father.”

  • Claudia Lamothe

    Co-Founder , Impact Evolution

    “I have participated in various programs, workshops, seminars and retreats over the past 20 years. This program has had the most concrete impact and in my opinion this is due to various factors: the structure of the program, the duration and frequency of the sessions, the science-based concepts and pragmatic tools, and especially the relevance and generosity of Katarina and JF’s. They provide concrete examples, they have a great quality of presence, a wealth of knowledge and experience and their ability to hold space for group sharing.”

  • Julie Bilodeau

    Julie Bilodeau

    Director of Organizational Development and Training, Transat

    “We never take enough time for ourselves, to truly question ourselves and develop our self-leadership. At Transat, we believe that before working on the leadership of others, our managers must authentically recognize their values, biases and triggers and have tools to help them perform with strong energy.”

  • Michel Beaulieu

    Vice-President – IT, Desjardins

    “I and my management team took the Lead Yourself UP program in spring 2021. A truly extraordinary experience that touches on anything that can influence, positively or negatively, the performance of a leader and a team.

    It was a great team experience, what a gift we gave ourselves!

    The direct impact on the satisfaction of our employees should not be underestimated either (efficient and inspiring leader = engaged and cheerful team).

    Give your leadership team this gift!”

  • Michel Rioux

    Project and Production Director, Hangzhou, Cirque du Soleil

    “I am now better able to listen to my needs and my values ​​so that I can respond more effectively and skillfully to the various challenges I face personally and professionally. I am able to better understand the dynamics of others and what motivates them to act in a way different from mine.”

  • Dominique Lussier

    Dominique Lussier

    Senior Manager, Business Markets, Bell Canada

    “It was by far the most comprehensive and meaningful leadership training I have participated in in my career. The experience, generosity and authenticity of our trainers Katarina and Jean-François have helped to create an environment conducive to exchanges and learning with my colleagues. The participatory format and the structure of the content offered, allow for real reflection on the different dimensions of energy and the impact they have on our performance and leadership. This multidimensional program offered me not only a better knowledge of myself but also the tools and practices to be the best version of myself”

  • Pascal Forget

    Director, Building and Telecommunications, Pinargon

    ” I am now better able to manage my emotions and see them coming, which allows me to better prepare myself to face all kinds of situations that raise emotions in me both personally, at home, and professionally. I am calmer thanks to the meditation that I am now practicing following the sessions with Jean-François. As for Katarina, with her energy and her open-mindedness, she allowed me, in turn, to open and drop my mask, even to take off at times my superhero cape and that feels tremendously good. I have the impression that by understanding my body and my thoughts, my brain has gradually reprogrammed itself throughout the course of the Lead Yourself UP Program.”

  • Marc Assaf

    Sales Director, Business Markets, Bell Canada

    “This is excellent training that is very relevant for the whole group, especially in a context of the pressure that comes in sales. It teaches us to better manage our daily obstacles that drain our energy and impede our performance. I learned tools and strategies to be more efficient at work and happy in life. In addition, there is a good alignment with the cause of mental health at Bell.”

  • Alexis Auger

    President, Alex Maçonnerie Inc.

    “I feel more aligned with the best version of myself and more in control no matter what challenges and unexpected events I encounter. My quality of presence and my listening skills have significantly improved which allows me to better navigate difficult conversations while remaining centered.”

  • Claudia Abaunza

    Director of Human Ressources, Transat

    “What I liked about this program is that the concepts explored come mainly from validated scientific studies, academic research and acclaimed authors in the field. The links that are made throughout the program are based on theoretical and credible concepts, but at the same time easily applicable in practice.”

  • Zied Hammami

    Director of Sales for Small and Medium-sized Businesses, Bell Canada

    “Through the Axellite Leadership training I realized the importance of the professional values that I cherish and working on elements of wellbeing related to my physical health. …I was able to address certain health challenges and gain more energy for better performance — and a healthy balance in my work.”

  • Alex Beaulieu

    Vice-President, Alex Maçonnerie Inc.

    “The program has helped me improve my ability to express myself by increasing my self-confidence and curiosity about myself and my relationships. Whether with my employees, my business partners or in my life, I now have better listening skills and am more equipped to better understand others and what motivates their behaviours. I feel able to communicate my message more effectively and have the impact I want to achieve.”

  • Rosanna D’Ambrosio

    Sales Director, Business Markets, Bell Canada

    “Prior to completing this program, I was ALL about time management because accomplishment to me meant ensuring EVERYTHING was done on time to the detriment of everything else, including my personal life. …Today I live by ‘energy first’, which ultimately gives me more time in the day.”

  • Sophie Harnois

    Principal Director, Development of Talent and Culture, Cirque du Soleil

    “Katarina and Jean-François are high-calibre facilitators who know how to create the optimal conditions for development and learning. This training is really worth it.”