An innovative leadership development program for organizations that value a more human way to lead.

360° assessments Facilitation Coaching

The Lead Yourself UP Program helps build leaders’ resilience and teaches intelligent energy management. It provides strategies for breaking free from frustration and reactivity in times of stress, and imparts proven practices that empower leaders at all levels to show up more consistently as the best versions of themselves.

  • Wake UP

    Recognize the root causes of problems

  • Own UP

    Cultivate courage and accountability

  • Show UP

    Practicing consistently new ways of being

  • Practical strategies for use right away

    We help leaders develop real-world techniques and the deep understanding to be more resilient, more intentional and more agile in work and in life — even when dealing with adversity and complexity.

  • An “Inside-Out” approach

    Our program of personal transformation starts from the inside out, helping leaders gain self-awareness and manage their energy effectively and become more consistently productive.

  • A commitment that’s rewarded

    Lead Yourself UP is designed to help leaders thrive while sustaining high performance. Those who commit to doing the work, who stick to the process and devote themselves to continuous improvement increase their energy, resilience and positive personal impact in ways they never imagined.