Our team

Our lead facilitators are also certified coaches with the International Coach Federation, as well as advanced certified Integral Facilitators. They have years of experience and deep knowledge to help leaders of all levels establish strong roots of leadership success.

  1. Katarina Haddad

    Katarina Haddad MBA PCC

    Katarina is a professional coach like none you’ve met before.

    Entrepreneur, gifted facilitator & charismatic public speaker, Katarina’s “why” comes down to this: to help high-impact leaders be the best versions of themselves by learning how to effectively lead themselves first.

    After having earned an Executive MBA from Sherbrooke University and having built a career in the corporate world which saw her working with top leaders from Fortune 500 companies across the world, Katarina lived through what so many high-performance individuals experience: burnout symptoms that landed her in a hospital bed. She was forced to re-evaluate her relationship with work, what performance-driven leadership really meant, and how she would move forward in a healthy way.

    The transformation she underwent laid the foundation for the biggest shift of her life: she stopped chasing chaos in her own life – and realized she could help others do the same. Trading her corporate career for entrepreneurship, Katarina founded Axellite Leadership, a leadership development firm dedicated to unleashing the full potential of individuals, teams and organizations – without sacrificing health, balance & happiness.

    Since that pivotal moment, Katarina co-founded the “Lead Yourself UP” leadership development program has helped thousands of leaders achieve personal mastery from the inside out so they can thrive in complexity, lead agile and inclusive teams & feel fulfilled in their lives and careers.

    Passionately outspoken on topics including overwork culture, mental health, self-awareness and resilience, Katarina comes armed with an incredible amount of concrete tools that contribute to optimizing the mental, emotional and physical health of leaders and professionals across the globe.

    When she’s not coaching leaders, you can find Katarina prioritizing her own sustainable performance, spending time outdoors among the mountains where she lives, skiing, hiking & cycling with her husband JF and their two dogs, Leo & Nala.

    Her big goal? A new standard of leadership which – without sacrificing performance – prioritizes mental health for the good of organizations, teams & leaders everywhere.

  2. Jean-Francois Thibault

    Jean-François Thibault PCC

    Entrepreneur, energy maximizing coach & facilitator, JF has lived at rock-bottom – and climbed back. After years of receiving energy from external sources, he found that the ultimate energy source was within.

    After spending years in one of the darker corners of life, JF radically transformed his life – and realized he was meant to help others do the same.

    From rock-bottom JF led himself UP to become a bodybuilder & trained athlete before founding Axellite Global Health in 2004, a multi-disciplinary, holistic health center leveraging a full team of health practitioners and coaches to help athletes, executives & other high-performance individuals. JF went on to earn his Business Degree from the School of Entrepreneurship of Beauce in 2013, one of Canada’s preeminent entrepreneurship programs, earning the “MVP Entrepreneur” distinction across his graduating class.

    An ICF-certified Professional Coach & holder of numerous certifications in nutrition, strength training & physical rehabilitation, JF helps others manage & maximize their energy by leveraging a holistic approach backed by proven science, literature & 16 years of clinical practice.

    A lifelong student of human development, JF is also an associate and facilitator at Axellite Leadership and co-founded the innovative “Lead Yourself UP” program on the back of one clear concept: high-performance leadership starts with leading the self first.

    His approach to developing leaders leverages a complex combination of business strategy, energy management, neuroscience, functional medicine, naturotherapy, posturology, emotional intelligence & more. JF’s unique methodology has helped impact the lives of some of the best-known business leaders, athletes & entrepreneurs across North America.

    An avid cyclist & skier, JF maximizes his energy by time spent outdoors among the mountains combined with daily Qi-Gong & meditation practices. His mission to empower busy leaders with intelligent energy management solutions is designed to transform lives from the inside-out – and he has only just begun.